Dexalot and the demand to be different

Dexalot is a comprehensive decentralized exchange platform that seeks to revolutionize space by establishing a refined experience in what it means to trade on a DEX platform. Highlighted features of Dexalot are the use of a Central Limit Order Book, extremely high throughput, and built on the Avalanche C-Chain.

The Team at Dexalot

Dexalot has a very experienced team that has all the qualifications and skills required to excel within their scope of the projects’ DNA. The team at Dexalot is run by CEO M. Nihat Gurman, who has previous experience as the Managing Director at Fidelis Energy Consulting. Dexalot is also led by CTO Cengiz Dincoglu and COO Timothy Shan, with a combined 45 years of experience in the finance and banking industry.

Dexalot also has a steam of investors and partners that are aiding them into their public launch. Some of the partners include Avalaunch, Muhabbit Capital, BenQi Finance, Iconplus Capital and Colony Lab.

Understanding The Project

Decentralized exchanges alongside traditional centralized ones have always been a tricky thing to get right. Although centralized exchanges are looked at less favorably because of the nature of the blockchain space and the growing DeFi environment, yet they remain widely used because of their cheaper fees and ease of use. Meanwhile DEX sites have the advantage of being decentralized but also come with challenges like fees and responsibility of ownership. 

Dexalot combines the best of both worlds by having a true decentralized DEX with the ease of use and cheaper fees of a traditional exchange. Part of this “revolutionary” process is helped by the foundation of the Avalanche network, allowing cheaper and faster transactions on the Avalanche C-Chain network. 

The Benefits

Many of the benefits of Dexalot rest on the idea that we can have the best of both worlds when it comes to exchanging cryptocurrency. This entails quite a good number of benefits:

  • 100% on chain and permissionless transactions: because Dexalot has the same characteristics of a DEX, then they also have the benefit of not relying on a central medium of exchange and users can take advantage of the platform as they would a traditional DEX.
  • Built on Avalanche: Using the C-Chain on the AVAX network, Dexalot is able to give blazing fast transactions with a high throughput and also compatibility with EVM networks. This is a massive edge in the market and makes transactions on par with traditional exchanges. 
  • Governance Voting: owning the tokens on Dexalot also gives users the ability to create voting rights, assisting in the modification and governance of how Dexalot can be run in the future. 

What Audience Does It Attract?

Dexalot is a great DEX for those that want to maintain custody of their own digital assets, much like exchanges like Uniswap, but with the convenience of a traditional experience and desire cheaper fees. One massive advantage is the reduction of fees are massive and could be as much as 99% cheaper. This is a massive leap forward in DEX trading and people that use decentralized exchanges often will find Dexalot a game changer. 

The True Value of Dexalot

A true DEX trading platform with low fees has not been achieved as of yet, so there is great value in a project like Dexalot in making this work. Uniswap and the UNI token for example are valued at $5 Billion while Dexalot offers a competitive advantage on them as it stands pre-launch. There is an enormous room to gain traction on market leaders in this niche and  the value could be nearly unlimited. 


Dexalot is a project that wants to do the simple things in the most perfect way possible. In the time of growth blockchain and Web3 have done, an exchange like Dexalot is needed as a way to make things much cheaper than they should be. By offering all the best of both the decentralized and centralized exchanges and letting you maintain custody of your keys, they are setting themselves up for great potential. 

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