IPC End- Of- Year Synopsis

It goes without saying that 2022 has been one historic year for the world of cryptocurrency and venture capital as a whole. With the cascading series of events, IPC has endured through a year that was for the record books. Despite the unexpected year, much of the events are simply how the space works. Iconplus Capital is not shaped by the ups and downs of venture capital, but by the comprehensive courage to back projects of high value. 

Let’s take a walk through our journey in 2022, the adjustments made, and how we can look at 2023 with a new horizon of opportunities. 

How We Started This Year

In Q1 of 2022, we stayed the course that has branded us our success since our inception. We were investing in many projects per month which was normal for our arrangements. But as we all know, the markets took a massive dip. Looking at market asset performance, Bitcoin and the total market capitalization of crypto failed to any highs, which led to a 67% drop for its 12-month performance. This obviously had an effect on the equity value of the projects IPC has invested in.

This basically continued into Q2 as the market became more than a “dip”.

During Q2, we made the critical decision to adjust our tactics and strategies for the rest of 2022, knowing that a market wide drop was imminent. We drastically slowed down our investments while also being more critical of the projects that came our way. As readers might know, there were several “black swan” events that caused several market earthquakes, such as Luna, Celsius, FTX, 3Commas, and more. 

We are pleased to say that due to our high vetting process and niche project investments, we were almost untouched by the fallout of FTX and Luna. Our damage/ exposure is very minimal which puts us in a very good safe position. This is quite the encouragement for future projects as well, to make sure investing stays within the higher echelon of projects within our network.

Our Current Investment Portfolio 

As for our current investment portfolio, we are doing very healthy and timing has been on our side. Many of the projects under the IPC wing have not launched yet, so they have a tactical advantage for a future release under better market conditions. A broad majority of them are looking to launch sometime in 2023. 

Our team is keeping a close eye on the market in 2023, selecting projects with prudent due diligence and strategic investments. Prices are attractive enough for us to make ongoing buys into new and current ecosystems – either through automated purchases or over-the-counter (OTC) desks – as part of our long-term commitment to driving value this year. This will come at certain price points over the year by our discretion. 

The Current Approach and Trajectory

During these testing times, we have been strategically investing in one to two projects each month with the aim of capitalizing on emerging opportunities. We’ve had our eye on a number of promising ventures that were inaccessible due to high demand – this period presents an unprecedented chance for us to gain access and exposure by purchasing them over-the-counter.

We also have a large amount of investment and interest in projects that help build the blockchain and Web3 ecosystems, especially with those creating a long lasting architecture. 

Despite the difficult bear market, firms have been able to take advantage of restructuring and resetting priorities. This has meant that venture investors are presented with an exciting opportunity – investments can be made at more reasonable valuations than in a bull market environment.

Optimistic Growth for 2023

We are looking at 2023 with an opportunistic and advantageous year to show the character of our investments and how IPC will continue to do our part in growing the ecosystem.

Our ambitious 8-figure fund will strengthen our strategy for 2023 and beyond. By forming deep connections with various communities, ecosystems and investments such as L1/L2 businesses, we are well on the way to discovering exceptional opportunities in the years ahead.

With market-wide improvement safety as core missions, we are determined to create a better environment for everyone. We hope for brighter times ahead where investments can once again flourish and produce positive outcomes.

Disclaimer: All content shared on this website is for informational purposes only and is not professional or financial advice. Always consult a qualified financial advisor and do you own research before investing.