IPC Investment Brief

Needless to say, the market conditions are treacherous waters for everyone in the blockchain ecosystem, with investors and projects being no exception. Rarely does an investment platform or token startup like these conditions. Despite this, these are the times where businesses adapt and overcome. 

For Iconplus Capital, we are looking at 2022 and beyond as an opportunity.

As a result, here is an outlook on what Iconplus has been up to and our strategic plans leading into the ladder part of 2022. The goal is to support the ecosystem as a whole and align ourselves with opportunities that lie ahead in the years to come.

Positions and Outlook 

One major aspect of supporting blockchain as a whole is supporting the foundations that currently exist while expanding on their technological depth. As a result of the concept of support, Iconplus is positioning itself to be a key player in several blockchain ecosystems. 

Our positions will increase in the following blockchains:

  • Avalanche (AVAX): a native Layer 1 and EVM compatible blockchain that innovates speed and efficiency based on a trifecta of chains and an innovative subnet system.
  • Solana (SOL): a major player, Solana is a decentralized blockchain of over 3400 validators and Proof of History implementation for fast and secure development. 
  • Near Protocol (NEAR): Near Protocol focuses on Nightshade implementation for sharing fast and secure transactions written in easy to understand code. 
  • Aurora (AURORA): using a hybrid model of EVM compatibility and NEAR focused scalability, Aurora is a decentralized blockchain designed for the future positioning of mass-scale adoption. 
  • Polkadot (DOT): using parachains, Polkadot is a Layer-0 blockchain designed to scale the complexity of blockchain as a whole, optimizing interoperability. 

With these strategic investments into the ecosystem, IPC believes that we are supporting foundational projects and becoming a key player in the growth for the next cycle. Our partners have also contributed in the same fashion, creating a strategic supply move of over $10 million as assets toward the growth of these ecosystems.

Special Announcements

In addition, we are pleased to have support ourselves on the journey of Iconplus Capital and to acknowledge those that have helped us recently.

We want to give special thanks to the following projects and the people that have aided in this support:

  • Corey Pigott – Near Foundation
  • Shreyas Narayanan – Near Foundation
  • Harshit Tiwari – Near Foundation
  • Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo – Avalanche
  • Jay Kurahashi-Sofue – Avalanche 
  • Gavin Wood – Polkadot
  • Team SubQuery – part of the Polkadot Ecosystem

We want to thank everyone that has been involved in supporting and sharing what IPC has done since its inception and we look forward to new growth opportunities for everyone in this space. 

Disclaimer: All content shared on this website is for informational purposes only and is not professional or financial advice. Always consult a qualified financial advisor and do you own research before investing.