Islander: DeFi Paradise for Affiliate Marketing

Islander is a content platform designed to gamify and give rewards to people based on their skills and experiences. Hosted on the Avalanche network, Islander has many benefits, including a learn-to-earn environment, NFTs, and their own native token called ISA. 

Meeting the Islander Team

Islander has an extremely creative and deeply experienced team of individuals that create the chemistry needed for their platform. Viet Anh Tran is the CEO of Islander and has been overseeing the project since its inception. Viet has over eight years of experience in blockchain technology and community building, including being the CEO of Spiderum Vietnam JSC. Alongside Viet is Miller, who is the CTO of the Islander project with over eight years of programming and blockchain development. Heading the marketing side of things in Le Thuy Nga who is CMO of Islander. Overall there are five main members of the team with some of them as much as 12 years of expertise.

Backing the Islander project is an array of partners and investors, each handling a different aspect of support for their future success. Many of the partners heavily involved in Islander are also in the same Avalanche network: Avalaunch, Colony, Kalao, Roco Finance, YAY Games, Pangolin, TaleCraft, Kalao, TaraLand and Dare NFT. Islander is also backed and supported by over three dozen investors and influencers with their endeavors, including but not limited to Cryptorank, CoinF, Cryptoiz, Icon Plus Capital, AC Capital, Crypto Media, and ChainBroker. 

Understanding The Islander Project

Islander is an online learn-to-earn platform for the purpose and facilitation of decentralized affiliate marketing opportunities. By using blockchain technology, Islander is set to take almost all the advantages of using affiliate marketing and apply it in a way that’s beneficial to everyone. Islander uses NFTs as a means to fuel their solutions on chain, while also using an array of tools and open-source solutions like its software development kit (SDK). 

Islander is able to assist content creators and especially crypto enthusiasts by giving them tools through their decentralised Content Creator protocol, which allows them to do many content based projects like Twitter and Telegram growth hacking, airdrops, and questionnaires. In addition, users can generate their own affiliate marketing through minting, create automation for much of their work, and participate in a platform that’s designed to enhance the skills and experience of their users instead of profitability. Islander also hosts their own currency called ISA, which has a variety of uses including support for users of the platform, income opportunities, and more. 

The Benefits of Islander and NFTs

Islander has many benefits over traditional affiliate marketing platforms and removes many of the barriers that keep affiliates from truly having an environment that benefits its users. Some of the issues with traditional affiliates are things like fraudulent payments, lack of ownership, centralization concerns, and lack of rewards. Islander takes these issues and creates solutions that also take blockchain technology into account, using newer technology for modern day programs.

  • Transparent Payment Structure: in using both smart contracts and their native ISA token, Islander is able to achieve an open and honest payment structure that gives creators the money that they deserve plus the transparency needed to have an effective business. Many business models keep transactions hidden, potentially for manipulating things to their advantage. Islander cuts this out completely so they can directly interact with their creators.
  • True Value Ownership: by using NFTs, users of the platform get a definitive sense of ownership for the affiliates they earn and what they accomplish. While traditional platforms can always deteriorate and vanish, Islander gives users NFTs for their use of the network, which can still hold tangible value.
  • Decentralized: as with many projects in DeFi, Islander is decentralized which as numerous benefits and protections from things ranging from security to manipulation
  • Gamification: Islander encourages users to enjoy what they are doing by gaining rewards for accomplishing things like quests and other goals.

What Audience Does Islander Attract?

Islander is the perfect platform for any and all content creators, especially people that are excited about the crypto industry. The blockchain and cryptocurrency market has been an explosive industry over the years. Talented people are always needing to use their skills in return for compensation and Islander gives a great way to express this in a fun, decentralized way. 

The True Value of Islander

As the modern day gets more technological, it’s often easy to forget the creative arts and the people than make them possible. The reality is that giving everyone an equal opportunity to use their skills, enjoy their passion, and be compensated for their time is something everyone can enjoy. Islander has a good amount of value in this way, as a good need is met alongside the proper functions to make it secure, fun, and profitable for creators.


Islander is a very unique platform that gives creators a chance to take advantage of what they already know. The learn-to-earn style is very intuitive and gives positive reinforcement to increase one’s skills while NFTs give a true sense of value ownership. This is an impressive platform that not only has the correct mindset to help creators, but also enjoys building for them now and in the future.

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