Kalao Gives NFTs A Greater Experience with VR

The Kalao Project offers a truly new experience with NFTs through the use of virtual reality. WIth the use of VR and unique features, Kalao goes for an immersive approach of interacting with NFTs and the respective communities of NFT owners.

The Kalao Team

Kalao has a team that is completely stacked with all the experience and skills necessary to bring the best for NFTs. The team is led by CEO Hassan Benahmed, an engineer and business leader with years of experience and expertise across various sectors, including the luxury industry. Following Hassan in the journey is Nassime Alexandre, a financial engineer who actively helped various European banks with the development of Blockchain solutions. CPO Anthony Ferron is leading the entire product lifecycle at Kalao and brings you the best user experience alongside CMO Efe Buken, CTO Adrien, VR Lead Emeric and UX designers Brice Manciaux and Vincent Crochard. There are also a number of strategic advisors on the team, including Nick Mussallem, John Nahas, and Omer DeMirel.

Helping alongside the Kalao team is a very impressive portfolio of strategic investors and partnerships. Some of the partnerships include Avalanche, Muhabbit Capital, Lemniscap, BenQi, Icon Plus Capital, BCA Investments, and Maven Capital. Some of the angel investors include Fantom and OKEx Blockdream Ventures.

Understanding The Kalao Project

Kalao is a blockchain project designed to bring the real world into the digital and virtual worlds. It is a metaverse NFT project that’s designed to give users an immersive and unique experience, creating ways to view and trade NFTs while also hosting a variety of metaverse experiences like selling tickets, luxury goods, and live streaming events. A large focus on the Kalao experience is using VR technology to immerse users onto the platform and really feel like they are in the digital and virtual world. Kalao is a fast and secure marketplace that people can use to view NFTs and make offers for purchases. Each experience is completely available in 360 degree view and can bridge real world assets for people to view together in the virtual realm.

The Benefits of Kalao NFT Marketplaces

Kalao is a completely detailed environment for NFTs to really excel, from the beginning of the experience to the end. Some of the highlighted benefits are more visual than others but they are all noticed once you take note of the Kalao ecosystem and its benefits:

  • Avalanche Network: Kalao runs on top of Avalanche, a newer blockchain architecture that is designed to have fast transitions at a fraction of the cost of blockchain networks like Ethereum. Avalanche also has a dual chain system that helps prioritize the types of transactions on the network, named X-Chain and C-Chain. Kalao will use both of these chain types depending on the assets available within their marketplace.
  • VR Gallery and Marketplace: using Virtual Reality is a massive part of the experience with Kalao as it brings every element to NFTs to a much more personal level. Kalao offers VR experiences in two distinct ways. The VR Gallery is an area where you can view NFTs or digital assets while the marketplace lets you bid and exchange these assets in a VR environment.
  • KLO Token Benefits: the native token for Kalao is the KLO token that will be the main way to interact with the benefits on the platform. Users can stake KLO tokens to gain added benefits like discounts on fees, more slots for NFTs in galleries, and even voting rights for governance ideas and proposals.

What Audience Does Kalao Attract?

Kalao is a cornerstone project for anyone that has a collection of NFTs or hosts company products or services that can be distributed as NFTs that want to join in a metaverse environment. Anyone can view Kalao and view NFTs that can be admired or purchased and creating a visual hub for this establishes a great viewer to owner dynamic for anyone to find value in. In this way, Kalao attracts both a general NFT audience and a niche one at the same time.

The True Value of Kalao

As the crypto industry grows with DeFi and now with metaverse experiences, Kalao has found a place where it can provide a really good value to the consumer. A metaverse is the next big trend and has a lot of potential, but many projects can have difficulty depending on the ecosystem they use or the user experience that they provide. Kalao has a good mix of VR capabilities while running on Avalanche, one of the fastest and cheapest blockchain architecture currently available.


Kalao is a completely comprehensive platform that understands what users want and how it should be done. With a solid team and a very solid investment portfolio, Kalao has a great backing to accomplish its goals. Creating a true and immersive NFT experience combined with VR features really help Kalao stand out apart from all the other NFT marketplaces.

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