The Acceleration of Avalanche with Colony

Colony is an increasingly decentralized platform designed to support and accelerate growth on the Avalanche Network. Benefits of using Colony include rewarding great projects, staking successful ones, and stabilizing the network with liquidity and financial support. 

Meeting the Team at Colony

The Colony team is experienced and able to handle the needs of the project very well. At the helm, you have the CEO and founder of Colony, Elie Le Rest. Rest has experience in similar leadership by being the Co-Founder of quantitative hedge fund company ExoAlpha, asset and wealth management for a variety of companies, and an expert in finance. In addition, Colony has Jean-Baptiste Pavageau as the Chief Investment Officer and Alexandre Costantini as CTO.

Giving the background support are a large group of partners and investors from all over the blockchain space. As a project on the Avalanche network, Colony has direct support form the Avalanche project themselves, along with Avalaunch, MEXC Global, Icon Plus Capital, Foresight Ventures, NGC Ventures, and many more.  

Understanding The Colony Project

Colony is an ecosystem incubator platform that is designed to help grow and nurture projects on the Avalanche network. In many instances, projects and protocols don’t often have the tools or finances available to thrive which can cripple a large fraction of blockchain startups. Many projects have great, inspiring ideas but need additional support to make their ideas flourish. Colony helps by offering several benefits for these platforms, early investment placements, and a DAO governance system that is completely community driven.

The Benefits of Colony

Using a project like Colony is strongly beneficial for startups and users alike. For projects, it gives them a chance to grow and be rewarded for their strengths. For users, it allows them to help support the projects they like the most and also get rewarded for their participation. There are five major aspects to Colony that help give them a generous spotlight:

  • DAO Structure: Colony is designed to be community driven and as such, they are committing to a DAO governance model to help make the platform more and more decentralized as it goes along. 
  • Validator Program: a set of validations will be used to help share in the integrity of the Avalanche network, with 10% of the capital from Colony benign staked in AVAX.
  • Index Support System: in addition to staking, Colony is committed to a support index where 10% of the capital will be invested into the top 10 Avalanche projects according to market capitalization, rebalanced every quarter. 
  • Investment Placement: with the projects that Colony deems the best suited, 50% of the capital will be used to help these projects grow directly. 
  • Liquidity Protocol Program: 30% of the capital by Colony will be used to support LPs on the Avalanche network to actively participate in the ecosystem. 

What Audience Does Colony Attract?

Colony is a platform that will attract startup projects on the Avalanche network. Colony has build its entire lifeblood on the idea that Avalanche projects should be encouraged to grow and supported for being great. That being the case, this dedication to Avalanche gives a path for anyone to join the same network, perhaps a project that doesn’t exist yet, and helps them to strive. Colony is a great platform for those already on the AVAX network and for those that wish to be.

The True Value of Colony 

The raw value and proposition of Colony is that startups don’t need to be perfect right out of the box. Anyone that has built a business from the group up knows the difficulty in doing so. For someone needing that extra support or for a valuable project on the network, Colony has nearly immeasurable value. 


It’s important to reflect on decentralization and DeFi as a whole. Taking the whole ecosystem into consideration, it’s very difficult to survive on your own. Colony is not your typical project but it is a necessary one. Colony helps make the needs of other projects easier for the explicit, overall benefit of the Avalanche ecosystem and DeFi as a whole.

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