The Digard Network: Crossroads For A True GameFi Experience

The Digard Network is a crypto and blockchain gaming studio service that offers a comprehensive stack of benefits to users and projects alike. Major offerings from Digard include an in-house game studio, a game market for collaborations, and an NFT marketplace. Digard offers a unique game experience that brings more to the table in GameFi.

The Digard Team

Also known as the First Digardians, the Digard team is fully loaded and skilled across the gaming world. Founders Riza Soylu and Gökhan Uludag led the way to make Digard a successful project. Together they have over 15 years of experience in blockchain and software development. Other team leaders include ílker Unsal, Tarik Ziya Yalçin, Mehmet Ugurluay, and Can. 

Digard has a good round of investors to help them succeed and focus on their core values and goals. Investors and partnerships include Iconplus Capital, Muhabbit Ventures, Avalaunch, AVentures DAO, and Colony.

Understanding The Project

Digard is a Crypto Gaming Universe that is designed to give a full suite experience to the games running on the platform and allows users to get high quality and immersive blockchain based gaming. The main goal and vision for Digard is simple – they want gamers to fully embrace their interest for gaming, having fun for doing so, and even get rewarded for doing so. Digard has launched on the Avalanche network which allows for fast and secure transactions, meaning they can create a GameFi experience without the downsides of using Ethereum. 

The Benefits of Digard

The Digard platform is a fully featured suite that provides all the benefits of using a GameFi platform, without the need for complex integrations or buggy applications. There are three main aspects to Digard that create a good foundational approach to GameFi and to the Avalanche network: 

  • Digard Game Studio: the Digard platform has its own in-house studio that allows for the creation of games and its development. This creates a substantial amount of ease for game development by making things easier to develop. Many game studios have to rely on other companies for things like quotas and information, while Digard gets all of it done under one roof. This also keeps the creative control intact.
  • Digard Game Market: central to the Digard platform is the Game Market, where players can interact with games, NFTs, integrate their wallets, and overall participate in the GameFi aspect of the platform. This creates an environment where users get to see the value ownership of GameFi, namely that users get to retain their NFTs and rewards that are part of the games they play.
  • In-app NFT Marketplace: along with the Game Market is the NFT Marketplace, a hub for Digard gamers to manage their NFTs with other players or by buying and selling according to their needs.

One of the major highlights and emphasis on Digard is that they are a complete ecosystem for the GameFi space, meaning that they create the games from the ground up. The Digard team is a well trained and skilled team, making these games unique and part of a true GameFi experience. One of the first games on the Digard platform is called Eldarune, a fantasy RPG style arena game where users can play together using four different game modes: Campaign, Dungeons, Clan Boss, and Arena Fight. Other games can be expected in the future both from the team and with the launch of the Digard Game Studio.

It’s worth noting that Digard is part of an expanding GameFi ecosystem and that the value ownership of parts of the game are important to both the game and to its users. Shared assets like NFTs can be used in the game while at the same time be bought, sold, traded, or earned based on the game mechanics and with the in-app marketplace. This creates a reputable P2E value, incentivizing the players will also letting them have the fun they would have with a traditional game.

What Audience Does It Attract?

Digard is a great platform for those that are primarily interested in a great gaming experience and want to capitalize on gaining rewards but actually having fun doing so. Many Play to Earn (P2E) games strive for this model but coe up short as they rely too much on the earning, while the games are lackluster, poorly made, tedious, or just glorified staking with extra steps. Digard focuses on real gaming and uses that as a foundation first while incorporating rewards as a net benefit. They understand that for gamers, the real reward is the game experience itself.

The Value Proposition

It’s no mistake that the gaming industry is robust, reaching $173 billion in 2020 and only made more attractive in recent years where physical location is more restricted. The aspect of real gaming is already of value but in addition, Digard has added blockchain elements like NFTs and rewards that can be used outside of the game if desired and used for real money. A solid gaming experience plus GameFi railways into the real world is a gamechanger and something that brings tremendous value to dedicated gamers and casual hobbyists alike. 


Digard is a platform that understands gaming. There are many projects in the DeFi and GameFi space that try to create a gaming platform on the blockchain but are not familiar with gaming at all. With Digard, they understand that gamers care much more about the content and quality of the games. Although the GameFi aspect is a major part of the platform, they also understand that gaming is important and should be a mutual part of the experience. They also understand that Avalanche is a great platform to establish this vision.

This concept is a huge step in the right direction for all gamers in the blockchain space.

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