The Exclusive Benefits of Owning CLY Tokens on Colony


From every angle and from every element of the platform, Colony Labs is designed to be an “others first” community that seeks to create stability throughout the Avalanche network. We have shown this first hand by the many programs we have presented like the early investment option, index, and validator programs. And one of the reasons our DNA is established as such stems from the difficulty on how projects and ecosystems can stay invested and retain liquidity.

Investing is one thing but maintaining is another. 

This difficulty shows in many projects throughout the years that have had a great launch but struggled soon after, not having the long term support they needed in the vastness of the frontier of crypto. 

Fortunately, Colony Labs has thought of this and realized that investors need options and availability to help do their part based on their desired interests. Colony is pleased to share how CLY tokens from the network help facilitate exclusive investment opportunities.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Gaining Exclusive Investment Access Through $CLY Tokens 

Colony helps drive the overlying ecosystem of Avalanche and the projects that get launched on the platform. With this is mind, Colony seeks to be a beacon for other projects that want to launch with the knowledge that Avalanche is more stable because of us. One way to incentivise the community of this is making CLY tokens, the utility token of the Colony Labs network, and using them as a means to offer more investment benefits. 

There are actually five main benefits of holding CLY tokens to help generate stability, each with their own incentives:

  • Early Stage Airdrops: this benefit is fairly straightforward that if a user holds CLY tokens, they gain access to exclusive airdrops during the early stages of a pre-launch project. This is one of the few ways in the entire crypto ecosystem where you can gain tokens of a project via airdrop before the public launch.
  • Validator Program Rewards: this allows users to gain tokens through the AVAX staking program, helping generate an overall liquidity bump for the ecosystem as a whole. Avalanche is a great blockchain but also one of the newest – it’s important that projects like us and users of CLY can keep interest coming this way. 
  • Liquidity Provider Program Rewards: by owning and using CLY tokens for the liquidity network, this creates a reward system for owners of the token. Essentially you get paid in CLY tokens for helping support the liquidity pools so that price can be less reactive to necessary moves within the system.
  • Index Performance Fees: within the Colony network, an index is used as a way to support and invest in the top 10 Avalanche projects by market cap. With this incentive, CLY holders are able to waive fees on using the Index.
  • Open Governance: CLY holders also have major benefits on how the Colony Labs ecosystem can be governed. Holding CLY tokens gives you two benefits with the governance are DAO voting and influence rights. This gives a significant support opportunity for someone that wants to benefit from improving the Colony network.

Understanding the Role of Colony

With these five main benefits, the role of CLY holders relay highlights the benefit of the network and our importance to the Avalanche chain. One of the main things from this list of benefits is showing how the chain is a very crucial part of the flow of the network. Without Avalanche and many of the main projects, it would be difficult to maintain the liquidity necessary for future users. Additionally, this is a way to help lift up the network while also giving benefits for doing so. 


With Colony Labs, we are making sure that users can maximize their potential for the network and offering many benefits – with or without holding CLY tokens. The benefits shared today are ones that allow CLY token holders to make a difference and get rewarded for doing so. With rewards like airdrops, validator rewards, waiving of index fees, and governance options, it gives a good system that everyone can benefit from.

Stay tuned throughout the year for these benefits to roll out and expand Colony Labs.

Disclaimer: All content shared on this website is for informational purposes only and is not professional or financial advice. Always consult a qualified financial advisor and do you own research before investing.